‘The Vampire Diaries’ Spoilers

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Check out the spoilers under the cut.

As many of you know by now, Tyler has left Mystic Falls and it seems that it’s for good this time. Let me just interrupt what I’m sure is a time a mourning to give you a little bit of good news to lighten up your dark moods. Check out what Zap2It had to say about Tyler’s departure and subsequent return to Mystic.

5. Tyler remains gone, for now. It was absolutely heartbreaking to listen to Caroline plead with Tyler to get in touch while he ignores her calls. He promised to forget about her if they couldn’t find a way to get rid of Klaus — not ignore her immediately and stop trying to find a way within 24 hours. Bummer. I do have a little good news for Forwood shippers, though. The outcry over Michael Trevino’s understated, anti-climactic exit seems to have had an impact on the writers of the show. They’ve changed their minds! I can reveal that he will be back to share one more pivotal moment with Caroline this season. Your voices have been heard!

So there you have it, TVDFamily. A little bit of silver lining to look forward to.

source: Zap2It

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